Helping Businesses Succeed Digitally With Creative Solutions

Each brand has a story, a message that they wish to convey to their audience and establish trust, build relationships over a period, I help these brands connect and tell their stories in creative ways to their audience through digital platforms, improve the overall digital presence, help them provide an amazing brand experience to the audience, grow their profits, and scale their business.


Romy Singh, I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant & Entrepreneur From Mumbai.

I am a 26 year old dude, passionate about ideation, creation, and problem-solving. I wanted to have a work that would never feel stressful & monotonous, and that was the main pillar behind me quitting the 9-5 job few years back. I was never suited to work with constraints around, so I chose to follow my passion which gives me freedom to work. I love everything that relates with thinking, problem solving, and efficient execution. I’ve been involved with digital media for 8+ years, and worked with amazing people from different niches across the world!

I Can Help You With

It’s never a service or product that I am selling: It’s an Experience. For 8+ years, I have been helping brands & entrepreneurs across the world establish that missing connection with their audience through a great digital experience, creative story telling that adds value, helps to grow the digital presence, and scale the business to a new height. I strongly value stories, experiences, and always ready to solve complex challenges that brand & entrepreneurs struggle with. I have only one goal and that’s to do great work, and enjoy the process. are you getting left behind in the digital race? I can help you!

Are You Getting Left Behind In The Digital Race?

Failing to take advantage of digital media, advertising, and build a community around your brand. You’ve tried every single arrow from your quiver, but still fail to hit the target. That’s frustrating, and I can relate with you. Do you want to grow you digital presence, and do it right this time? Let me show you how. Download my FREE uncensored guide eBook to know 38 strategies to grow your brand digitally!

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What My Client Say

Ready to Leave Behind The Usual Digital Jargans Made To Impress, But Don’t Work In real, And Build A Business That’s Profitable And scalable? I can Help.

It has not been easy for you? Right! Starting, managing, growing, and scaling the business of your dream.

You are well aware that it’s a tough task. which requires strong commitment, and dedication, still you’ve want to do it right, and do it better. You’ve all the pieces of the puzzle, what’s missing is the guidance, the experience needed to place those pieces where they belong, they make sense. and I can help you with that. What if you could literally create a community for your brand, tell stories, and engage with the community?

How would your life and business will change if you had a strong digital presence, loyal audience, and relatable stories? That would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t it?

I can help you bring that amazing factor to your brand, business, product, or service.

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Weekly digital marketing strategies, advertising hacks, revealing every single secrets of scaling your business and making more profit with the spice of meaningful stories from my life.

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Learn marketing strategies that works, advertising tips to save cost and increase ROI, secrets of scaling your business and making more money with the spices of meaningful stories from my life.


Accelerate Your Income Through An Email List

The growth equation used to be pretty simple, Hunt, Pitch, Convince, and Convert. The noise was less, mediums were not so saturated, and there was not many options in terms of the approaches we could take! Everyone had to run through the quite similar funnel. But, today, we are bombarded with new, hot, hidden, secret marking strategies, hundreds of platforms to choose from. It’s so overwhelming that even some successful entrepreneurs start to sweat and get lost in the noise some times. Gladly, the growth equation is still the same, the only difference is one new factor has been added to it.

New Growth Equation: Cut Through The Noise, Hunt, Pitch, Convince, And Convert

Don’t think that it’s just one extra factor, it can’t make the equation too much complicated! This one factor alone itself is the reason for almost 90% to 95% of people’s failure. Today, the noise is so loud and dense that your message, pitch, would just die down before it could reach to your potential clients. In this course I’ll teach you how to cut through the noise and build your own targeted audience who are interested in what you do and ready to pay for the quality you’d bring on the table.